Don't Like To Floss? Here Are Some Helpful Ideas

Don't Like To Floss? Here Are Some Helpful Ideas

Don't Like To Floss? Here Are Some Helpful Ideas

We know it might come as a surprise but we at Epsom Dentalcare understand how time consuming a difficult flossing can be. Or perhaps you gums are sensitive, you have a small mouth, or you feel like you cutting the circulation to your fingers off. There are lots of seemingly good reasons not to floss and as you can imagine, we've heard them all.

But we are here to make flossing that much easier and more achievable for you. There are many varieties of floss that you can choose from; Satin tape, waxed tape, super floss, ultra floss, and flossettes. When deciding which floss is right for you, don't panic its not about what type you are using its how often you are flossing!

Consider Tools Like Flossettes

After trying several of the various options suggested above, if no brand or particular type of floss seems to be doing the trick for you, look into other tools that are designed to help and make it easier.

Flossettes and floss sticks eliminate the need to wrap floss around your fingers. We like to suggest this option to our patients who are concerned with cutting the circulation off to their fingers. These tools can also make it easier to reach back teeth without having to stick your hands in your mouth. They can also help you more easily manoeuvre the floss for better coverage.

There are many different tools and many different brands available to try. And again, which tool you use isn't nearly as important as the fact you're doing it!

Never Underestimate The Value Of Flossing!

Flossing is an essential part of effective, daily oral hygiene care. Flossing helps guard against gum disease, the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. In addition to the concerns of gum disease, some studies suggest that gum health is linked to systemic health issues including heart disease and diabetes.

Make Flossing a Daily Priority

If you have questions about how to make flossing easier, come on down and visit us, we would love to help.