Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Some may look at teeth whitening as pure vanity, but what they overlook are the concrete points that say you must have whiter teeth. The most important amongst these, is the role that your teeth play in making first impressions. Some might say first impressions are not the last ones, but we all agree that they do matter greatly either way.

If you have white teeth, you can smile confidently and help make a great first impression. In contrast, if you have yellow teeth, you would feel much more self-conscious. The good news is that whiter teeth are easily obtainable nowadays owing to the availability of a wide range of teeth whitening products.

There are several toothpastes that are easily available, to help whiten your teeth and although these are quite effective, some stains, like those caused by smoking, tea, coffee or wine, are much tougher to remove. In such cases, the use of teeth whitening kits is recommended. Your two main options are to either visit a dentist or use an over-the-counter product at home. Obviously there is a huge difference in the results from whichever method you choose.

- Strength of Bleaching Agent:

The bleaching agent that is provided to you in over-the-counter products to use at home for teeth whitening contains about 3% hydrogen peroxide; for safety purposes obviously. While at the dentist, who is a trusted professional, the bleaching agent contains about 10%-43% hydrogen peroxide, which is clearly much stronger and will give better results.

- Mouthpiece Trays:

In a dentist supervised teeth whitening procedure, the impression of your teeth will be taken in order to form a customised mouthpiece tray, the exact size of your mouth. This ensures better contact between every inch of your tooth and the gel that has been applied to the tray. It also avoids any gel from making contact with your gums, making them irritable. In an over-the-counter kit, they usually use a “standard size” mouthpiece tray, which is not an exact fit for anyone’s mouth. By using this, lesser area of your teeth that come into contact with the gel and therefore, it is less effective. Depending on the size and shape of your mouth, the gel may also make excessive contact with your gums and cause them to get irritable.

- Protective Measures:

Before application of teeth whitening substance, the dentist will take additional precautions and apply a protective gel or use a rubber shield on your gum tissue in order to prevent everything other than the tooth surface being affected by the bleaching agent. Over-the-counter products offer no such precautions. Also, in case of an allergic reaction or any other unfortunate mishap, the dentist would know how to handle the situation and do damage control.

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