Root Canal

Root Canal

Have you ever known somebody who was looking forward to a dentist’s appointment, especially if it involved a root canal? Chances are rare and the reasons are many. The actual thought of having somebody pry open your mouth and look deep into it is a bit unsettling. Not to mention, the various horror stories that used to be in circulation surrounding the dentist’s office. A lot of these fears are actually unfounded.

Modern dentistry has evolved to a point where a root canal is no longer a procedure that involves significant discomfort or pain. In fact, it can be one of the safest and most painless procedures today. Ask anybody who has had a recent procedure and you will find it to be true. The “painful” procedure described to you would probably be from someone who had the procedure done at least a decade ago.

The Facts Behind The Pain

A root canal that is delayed or avoided on the other hand is something else altogether. The problem with teeth is that you usually never visit a dentist unless it hurts like hell and you have no other alternative. When delayed, a root canal or an endodontic procedure will not be sufficient to save your damaged tooth, leaving extraction of the tooth to be the sole alternative. This would result in missing teeth, which can cause a host of other health problems, such as improper digestion, misalignment of remaining teeth, and eventually cosmetic inadequacies, leaving you lacking self-confidence. To get a clearer perspective on the hazards of delayed dental treatment, you can look up

Here we try to bust some of the myths surrounding the root canal:

1.  Root canals involve a lot of pain: As mentioned above, modern dentistry has evolved to the point where the it is a painless procedure. In fact a recent survey conducted among a mix of people who have had the procedure and those who have not revealed that people who have had the procedure done describe it as painless while those who haven’t claim it to be extremely painful. This shows a general misconception and clouding of facts. Toothache is caused invariably by damaged tissues. In essence, a root canal removes this damaged portion and eliminates the pain.

1.  Root Canals Can Make You Ill: Again, part of an old wive’s tale, there has been no scientific proof to link root canals to any kind of disease condition suffered by anyone who has had the procedure. This misconception has been largely attributed to faulty research in a time where the true origins of various disease conditions such as arthritis, heart conditions, or even kidney diseases. It was believed that the bacteria that got trapped in the teeth during the procedure would leak causing a wide array of disease conditions. This is all false and it has been easily proven that root canals are among the safest procedures without any side effects whatsoever.

1.  Tooth Extraction is a Favourable Option:  The truth here is that preserving your natural teeth is of the highest priority… period. There is no real replacement for your tooth. Regardless of the amount of money you spend on replacing your natural tooth, you can never compensate for the loss. Endodontic treatment or a root canal will usually last for a lifetime and with proper restoration will prove to be miles more cost effective than extraction and subsequent procedures.

In a nutshell, root canals ensure that patients suffering from damaged dental tissue have the opportunity to preserve their natural teeth for a lifetime, thereby facilitating a healthy and pain free life. 

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