Orthodontics Dental Case Studies

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Alex had been told surgery was required because of his “total reverse crossbite" – his lower teeth were completely inside his upper teeth and just didn't meet at all.


We developed Alex's jaws with crozat wire appliances then aligned his jaws with twin-block appliances and finally straightened his teeth with braces.


When Liam first came to us, he had very narrow jaws and extremely crowded front teeth. This treatment took less than 2 years to achieve - Liam was a great patient!


We opened up Liam's jaws with a series of removable appliances [plates] and, when there was enough room, we straightened his teeth with braces.


Michael fell off his bike when he was very young and damaged his teeth. So his front teeth were growing into the roof of his mouth.


We widened Michael's jaws with Schwarz plates, pushed two teeth forward with finger spring appliances, and used braces to bring the teeth into line. Later we removed his second molar teeth to allow his wisdom teeth to erupt into his mouth.