Fillings and replacement of amalgam fillings

We offer a range of filling options depending on the location and size of your cavity. We use the latest technology and techniques so you’ll get an attractive result that will stand the test of time.

Class 1

This filling is the most common, and is often used to prevent decay from spreading

Class 3

A common filling used if decay is found in between front teeth.  Our patients who have old, discoloured front fillings often ask us to redo these.  If you would like a lighter colour filling we often do "tooth whitening" beforehand.

Class 4

Commonly caused by accident.  Often ACC pays a portion of the cost of fixing accident-related tooth chipping.

Class 5

A gumline filling is often used to remove decay and prevent tooth sensitivity.


An inlay can often be a longer lasting alternative to a traditional filling.  We can recommend if this may suit you better.

MOD Amalgam

We no longer routinely place amalgam fillings.  However they can be useful in certain situations. Please ask us for more information!

MOD Composite

A very common form of filling.  We use this if you come in with decay on both sides of one tooth.

Ceramic Onlay

A long lasting alternative to a filling.  Please ask us for more information!